Another Take on Crowley’s Influence on The Beatles

Far Out Magazine recently ran their attempt to cobble together the evidence of The Beatles being “disciples” of The Prophet of the Lovely Star. Whilst i believe that the evidence for that level of devotion isn’t presented, I think they reiterate the already familiar case for some of the Beatles – likely Paul McCartney and John Lennon being acquainted with Crowley and some of his philosophy. Hell, a fairly recent interview with McCartney had him averring his belif in magic – and he went out of his way to stipulate “with a k.” And leave us not forgot that the original cover art of Sgt. Pepper was supposed to feature two photographs of Crowley, and two life-sized, stand ups were prepared and brought to the photo shoot (I read somewhere!)

So – amuse yrselves:


P.S. The Beatles were a Rock ‘n’ Roll revival band from Liverpool England, who went pop, helped create “Rock” as a genre (i.e. white guys playing Rock ‘n’ Roll instruments performing songs influenced by many different genres), who achieved unprecedented popularity and influence over youth culture – and an iron-clad lock on the imaginations of many who were youths during the band’s ascendency. Just like the 1975. Just a long time ago.

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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