Another Excerpt From LFA Volume 6

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Another excerpt from LFA Volume 6 (coming in 2022):
“As contemplative practice expands its register, we throw ourselves into the blackness where our bearings are lost. There, mental toxins are purposefully consumed. This extracts the psycho-aetheric poisons and gathers them for transmutation as surrender into unknowing is brought to its ultimate conclusion.
As the mind dives into the loss of itself, the toxins are sipped like a bee sips nectar from a flower. This builds immunity to the poisons, which allows contemplative process to draw its primal ingredient from the foamy mixture of impulses in the appearance field. When enough resistance has built up, contemplative immersion can draw on the resources of what it has gathered.
The process reaches a breaking point as the natural scintillation of luminosity sparkles within the darkness without the two aspects separating. This presents the black aether … the universal solvent for negative reactivity. First, the display of luminous appearance is realized as equal to the darkness of space, and space is realized as equal to light. Then, the contemplative process can fall through the display to the primordial ground. The ground can then be realized to express itself as a mode of luminosity that is neither light nor dark. As this is realized, all ordinary notions of reality simply can’t be maintained anymore. As this becomes clearer, the black aether sparkles through anywhere and everywhere. This is the power of the world of points, which dissolves ordinariness wherever appearance appears. It is like a billion darts of cool fire that burn through the wall of habituation. Through the fiery black canopy the rainbow tinged spark barrage submits darkly to divinity, and the divine is realized beyond all considerations of substance, dimension, time, concept, and being itself.”
Please understand that this excerpt is a slice of a much large scope of explanations, and misinterpretation without context is inevitable.

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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