Another Archaeological Blockbuster Discovered During Work on Roman Subway Line

Media the world over recently covered the unveiling the latest archaeological finds uncovered during excavations connected to work on a new subway line in Rome. In this case what was found were well preserved remains of a large house, likely the home a a military commander. Archaeology sez:

“Works for a new subway line in Rome have once more revealed an ancient house with a central courtyard.

“The discovery, which was announced last week, was during construction works 12 metres under the level of the Amba Aradam station, near the Basilica of San Giovanni Laterano (St John Lateran),one of the capital’s largest churches.

“The discovery is of a domus with rich decorations, mosaic floors and frescoed walls, probably belonging to the commander of the military post; two years ago a dormitory and military barracks dating to the 2nd century were found at the site.

“The new findings comprise a house with a central courtyard, a fountain, and at least 14 rooms in 300 square meters, according to state archaeologist Simona Morretta. The house is remarkably well-preserved and the decorations are almost intact.”

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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