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Three Hands Press, the publishing arm of the Cultus Sabatai have just sent out an update on their publishing plans for 2019:

“Benjamin A. Vierlin’s book, Green Mysteries, is still at least three weeks away from completion, placing the book release on, or after, Vernal Equinox 2019. The priority for shipment will be pre-orders taken directly from our customers through the Three Hands Press website (for more details concerning pre-orders, please see section below).
“Once the book has arrived, we will be working as quickly as possible to get shipments to everyone, as the book will weigh in excess of 8 lbs. avoirdupois, and its large size requires considerable warehousing space. As concerns the deluxe and special editions, binding will commence immediately and without delay, and we will be updating you at every step of the way.
“In the very long period of pre-order subscription, we have optimized production setbacks by improving the work, in terms of materials, labor, and content. This has resulted in the inclusion of additional artwork and text beyond that originally advertised, as well as upgrades in nearly every category of production.
“In the coming weeks, we will also be featuring several special newsletters and posts solely dedicated to The Green Mysteries, its background, and process of creation, as well as additional content for our website. We ask those who have pre-ordered to be of good cheer, for the book you will receive will be realized in the way that it was envisioned.
Witch-Ikon, also delayed, will be emergent after 21 March, and we will have further updates concerning its particulars in future newsletters.
Facts Regarding the Pre-Order Process
“When placing orders, new customers have sometimes experienced confusion regarding the ‘pre-order’ system. This ordering option was begun by our sister publishing organization XOANON in the 1990s in order to make its titles available directly to customers, allowing them to reserve books long in advance of publication. Pre-ordering was originally offered when quantities of the book are expected to run low or sell out; it also allows advance funding of books which, due to their complexity, are wildly expensive to manufacture.
“An additional benefit of pre-order reservation is that it offers our customers a better choice of editions, before they are released to retail resale, and a discount on the post-publication price. This is especially important for books of a monumental nature, such as “The Green Mysteries” which are in excess of 500 pages, large format, with a vast number of original illustrations created specifically for the book.
“During the course of a pre-order schedule, publication delays are common.  Although the standard editions of most of our titles have been published on time, or within a fortnight of the date, others have been late, and a few have arrived before the announced publication date. Reasons for this always vary, but one persistent problem of late concerns our leather editions: the dwindling number of appropriate hand-binderies are taking much longer to complete their work due to new customers incoming from closed binderies. Also, due to the extra level of care required,  hand-bound deluxe and special editions of our works will always take longer than the general release.
“While impatience and anticipation regarding pre-ordered titles are entirely natural (and warranted), it is useful to keep in mind that some books are in pre-order status for a very long time. For example, the forthcoming 25th anniversary of John Crowley’s Little,Big ( by Incunabula Press, was originally announced in 2004.
“Some may have noted that some of our titles have appeared on, either as in-stock items, or for pre-orders of titles not yet published. Please note that only softcover editions are available via this route, and that orders made from those vendors are separate from Three Hands Press, and will ship after our general fulfillment run, as it takes their system longer to receive the stock and place it into inventory.
Two Deluxe Editions Forthcoming
“Deluxe editions of The Celestial Art have arrived! This anthology of essays on astrological magic is the fourth volume in our ‘Western Esotericism in Context’ series. We are tremendously proud of the quarter-bound purple goatskin edition, limited to 50 copies. These will begin shipping March 6; a small number of these remain for sale.
“Deluxe editions of The Moribund Portal ( are still being bound, but are due to arrive, somewhat appropriately, at the Ides of March.
Three Hands Press now at Catland
Three Hands Press is pleased to be working with Catland, Brooklyn’s premier esoteric bookstore, occult shop and event space. The store, which serves the City of Greater New York (and points beyond) will be stocking a large number of our titles, principally in hardcover. Stop in at 987 Flushing Avenue to check out their extensive selection of books, as well as candles, incense, and other magical accouterments.
Wisht Waters to be released in softcover
Gemma Gary’s book concerning water-magic Wisht Waters (  is an essential and popular addition to our ‘Three Hands Press Occult Monographs’ series. Supplies of this book have now dwindled to a critical threshold, and those standard hardcovers remaining in stock are only available without dust jackets. Those desiring to purchase the book in hardcover are advised to do so soon. Given the length of this monograph, as well as the many meticulous original illustrations created by the author herself, we are delighted to offer it as a softcover this coming spring, continuing its important presence in the literature of West Country folk magic.
2019 Titles
Though the overwhelming majority of our present focus is on shepherding The Green Mysteries and Witch-Ikon through press, we wish to assure our customers that production of other planned 2019 titles will continue as scheduled, including the medieval grimoire of Islamic sorcery The Wisdom of the Ages and the Secrets of the Sages, translated by Darius Klein. Other books will soon be announced. The question has also arisen of Wyrd Journal volume 4, as well as other obscurely-whispered projects. Several announcements will be made regarding these projects, in the month of March.
Under-the-Radar Goods
Daniel A. Schulke’s November exhibition Telesmata: New Images of the Sabbatic Mysterium at Seattle’s Mortlake and Company was met with success, and a small number of printed artifacts from this show remain for sale. Quantities are too small for placement on our website; please contact us at to inquire regarding purchase procedure and postage cost.
TELESMATA full-color exhibition catalog.
Edition limited to 100 copies. 48 pages, full color, signed. $35.00, plus postage.
Virtutes Sepulcri in Corpore Vitus Adsunt.
Two-color Letterpress print featuring three images from a forthcoming Xoanon title. 16.5″ x 8″. These are artist’s proofs, signed and numbered 1-22. $35.00, plus postage.

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