Anniversary of the Publication of Liber Oz

Richard Kaczynski notes on his FB feed:

“Today’s winter solstice marks the 77th anniversary of the publication of ‘Liber 77,’ or ‘Liber Oz,’ by Aleister Crowley. A response to the threats of nazism and fascism during WWII, Crowley nicknamed the text his ‘War Aims,’ outlining fundamental human rights according to the Law of Thelema: freedom to live in accordance with one’s Will, and to rise up against governments that oppress those rights (‘the safeguard tyrannicide’).

“To his lifelong friend Louis Wilkinson, Crowley wrote on December 15, 1941:

‘Still, it has been rather fun preparing Liber LXXVII: the Book of the Goat. […] the publication of this manifesto—I thought of calling it “Goat’s Milk,” with a glance in your direction—may amount to a Magical Gesture. I could ensure this, I suppose, by doing something idiotic in public at the moment of the Solstice. Well, well, if it does count as a Gesture, we may look for a bloody great Revolution of some sort at the Autumnal Equinox.’

‘*Was* there some ‘bloody great Revolution” at the autumnal equinox?

“On September 23, 1942, the Manhattan Project commenced work on the atomic bomb, with Colonel Leslie Groves in charge and Robert Oppenheimer as scientific director. BOOM. (Literally.)

“N.B.–I found this Manhattan Project tibit so cool that I slipped it into the next printing of ‘Perdurabo.’ 

“Also, be on the lookout for Robert Flores‘ upcoming book on the writing and publications of ‘Liber Oz.'”

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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  1. My favorite version is the one with the note telling the reader to read the 2nd Amendment

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