Anne Maunders, A Devotee of Our Lord and Fatther, The Sun

In Liber LV, the Gnostic Mass, the Priest proclaims. after consecrating the Elements:

“Let this offering be borne upon the waves of Æthyr to our Lord and Father the Sun that travelleth over the Heavens in his name ON.

Now, Thelemites have a more poetic and occult concept of “The Sun” per se, yet it does reside in the figure of the physical Sun, the center of our solar system and having a scientific understanding of this star can be pertinent to our mystic endeavors. Thus, we doff our caps to Anne Maunders, a pioneering woman scientist who’s focus of study was indeed Sol. Aleister Crowley, in fact, made it a point of being up on current developments in myriad areas of science and scholarship.

A recent BBC story notes:

“Annie worked alongside her husband at the end of the 19th Century, recording the dark spots that pepper the Sun.

“The name Maunder is still known in scientific circles, yet Annie has somehow slipped from history.

“‘I think the name Maunder is there and we have all rather forgotten that that’s two people,’ says Dr Sue Bowler, editor of the Royal Astronomical Society magazine, Astronomy and Geophysics.”

Read the entire article here:


Thanks to Soror Hypatia for the tip!

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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