Is the Anglican Church Beginning to Soften on LGBTI Rights?

Young people standing together for gay pride.

“Man has the right to love as he will.” –Liber OZ

Anglican Times reports that two books, Amazing Love: Theology for understanding discipleship, sexuality and mission and Journeys in grace and truth: Revisiting scripture and sexuality, are being sent, free, to members of the General Synod, who are preparing to participate in the Shared Conversations next month.

Anglican Times notes further that Amazing Love, edited by Canon Andrew Davison, the Starbridge Lecturer in Theology and Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge, was published last week by DLT. Journeys in grace and truth, published by Ekklesia on behalf of Via Media Publications, features ten essays by Evangelicals. Anglican Times also reports that many of these essays “call for a shift in the current debate within Evangelical circles, and an end to the dismissal of those who have reached a different conclusion on sexuality.”

Will the Anglican Church join the 21st Century? New books say that taking a hard line on sexuality will damage mission.


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