Andrew W.K. Claims That He Is Real

Here’s a funny little bit for you to ponder (OR NOT!) in the course of your weekend. Below is a email newsletter sent out by Andrew W.K. that starts by  furiously attacking an article recently posted at Stereogum that considered the evidence indicating that at least some of the public manifestations of this artist involve more than one individual:

This article is claiming that Andrew W.K. is a fraud or that he’s part of an organized secret effort to convince people that he isn’t what he says he is.

“While we’re assuming the writer had the best intentions, the vast majority of this text is simply not true.

“We urge you to dismiss the claim that Andrew isn’t real, or any similar assertions that paint him as something he is not. Andrew has never worked behind the scenes with any individual or group in order to make it appear as though he doesn’t exist.

“Most of all, please simply stay focused on the power of partying and the joyful sensations Andrew W.K. works so hard to provide every day. That is where the truth lies.


The newsletter then goes on to plug upcoming W.K. dates, merch etc. Reasonably enough. Now I will point out that the newsletter’s main assertions are that is that it’s untrue that he doesn’t exist or “isn’t what he says he is.” Which frankly is not actually a denial that he may employ other individuals to portray him in various but not all public settings.  And this claim about him has been circulating for years and years now. Honestly, I’m a little surprised that Stereogum would consider this at all topical at this point. Like, fans prolly think it’s true, but who cares; Andrew himself would be the one stage-directing the whole thing so any charade would be another aspect of the artistic statements being made. All cool, yes? Meanwhile, feel free to take a look at this vintage video of “I’m A Vagabond” that does feature Liber AL several times, and see if you think if there’s one individual or several wearing his trademark white t-shirt and jeans.

As a postscript we would like to offer thanks once again for the period during which Andrew allowed Ecclesia Gnostic Catholica to perform the Gnostic Mass at his Santos Party House club in NYC – as well as letting Ordo Templi Orientis USA put on a two day music festival there, Mysteria Musicka Maxima — free of charge to boot! Whatta guy!

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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