Andrew Liles Releases Expanded Album of Current 93 Remixes

Last week, Andrew Liles, longtime compadre and colluder with OTO Cabinet member David Tibet released LIKE SWALLOWING ECLIPSES: Andrew Liles dreams Current 93 / Current 93 dreams Andrew Liles , an expanded and remastered edition of his collected remixes of Tibet’s Current 93. Liles’ Bandcamp page explains:

“The material on these recordings have been dreamt by Andrew Liles. They were originally performed and released by Current 93 on the following albums Nature Unveiled, Dogs Blood Rising, Nightmare Culture, Live At Bar Maldoror, In Menstrual Night, Dawn, I Have A Special Plan For This World and Faust.

“I Have A Special Plan For This World was based on a text written by Thomas Ligotti and also made use of his collection of The Bungalow Tapes. Faust was inspired by the short story by Count Stenbock.

“This expanded download version of LIKE SWALLOWING ECLIPSES ​collates all the Andrew Liles remixes of Current 93 and ​has been fully remastered ​for this digital format.

“It also contains the ​for the first time digitally – Haunt Invocation (Apadno) I: I Have A Special Plan For This World, Haunt Invocation (Apadno) II: Faust ​and previously unreleased mixes Haunt Invocation (Apadno) ​III and Haunt Invocation (Apadno) ​IV.”

Get yrs here!

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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