Ancient Greek Religion for Modern Pagans

Pre-orders are now open for Gwendolyn Reece‘sThe Waters of Mnemosyne: Ancient Greek Religion for Modern Pagans. The posted description says:

Build a deep, contemporary practice rooted in ancient Greek traditions. Whether you are Pagan or simply drawn to the Greek pantheon, this book provides everything you need to re-member and rebirth these ancient practices in ways that are powerful for modern people.

Gwendolyn Reece provides more than seventy exercises, rites, and prayers that help you meet and build relationships with the deities and create a vibrant and balanced spiritual practice, including pathworkings to meet the gods, creating an Omphalos stone, and seeking a healing dream. She presents many aspects of this religion, including mythology, philosophy, rites of passage, and healing practices, and shares her thoughts on how they can be revitalized today. Inspired by ancient Hellenic traditions, this book helps you enrich your own spirituality.

Pre-order (book comes out in December)

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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