Anathema Publishing Releasing Gabriel’s McCaughry’s “(h)Auroræ”

Anathema Publishing Ltd has announced its publication of Gabriel’s McCaughry’s first book, (h)Auroræ. The publisher’s FB news feed says this of the book:

(h)Auroræ, is somewhat of an invitation for the attentive reader to explore, ponder, and puzzle over; it offers the fundamental keys and processes of Alchemical Self-Transmutation – still all too relevant today as a tool for developing mental individuation and spiritual apotheosis. Stylistically, Gabriel usually prefers to work by poetic inference rather than forthright assertion.

“Within (h)Auroræ, the Great Work seeks to describe mystical observations that are beyond mundane rationale, beyond the scope of common language and thought-patterns. Rather, it provides a greater nuance to the esoteric dialogue of the devoted pilgrim, treading the Path of Return.

“There is an interplay of polysemic thoughts and counter-intuitive terminologies explored in Gabriel’s writing, which shines brightest in the questions it raises, rather than the answers the mind tries to grasp (or wishes to impose upon the reader). (h)Auroræ is thus a vehicle meant to inspire, to help embrace the many alchemical nodes of transformation, and to calcine the whole experience into the reader’s very own crucible.

[PRE-ORDERS opens Monday, March 26th 2018, at 11 AM (EST).]

• (h)Auroræ, by Gabriel McCaughry.
• Illustrated by Jose Gabriel Alegría Sabogal.
• Preface by Shani Oates.”


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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