An Oracle of Kemet: Tarot of the Noutjeru

An Oracle of Kemet: Tarot of the Noutjeru, designed by Doug Blake is now available. The posted description says:

This 78 card Tarot deck has appeal for its aesthetics as well as its esoteric and practical value. It is authentically rendered after the style of the artistic development in Egypt circa 1549-1069bc. It is also intended that the symbolism applied to the Tarot following European traditions as well as the potency of Archetypal images (as propounded by the Jungian school of thought) is represented with the refinement, elegance and purity of Ancient Egyptian iconography.

Frater Lux Ad Mundi


  1. Hello so ordered the guide thinking the cards maybe comes with it but it doesn’t so now I have been looking for a way to buy the cards and I can’t find any options available can you help please

    • you’d have to contact the seller to resolve this matter. we have no financial interest in this product or it’s sales

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