Amy Hale on the Magical Life and Art of Ithell Colquhoun

Telematic Tree, in King Scale: Ithell Colquhoun


A fantastic podcast holiday season interlude with the Amy Hale and Earl Fontainelle on SWEP –  ‘Secret History of Western Esotericism Podcast’ talking about Ithell Colquhoun. I have to admit I was surprised to see this addition to the podcast as at episode 79 following the bread trail of the esoteric tradition we still find ourselves in the world of Middle Platonism. I have to admit I prefer the the long story and also that that SWEP is one of my favorite esoteric podcasts. BWH

Amy Hale on the Magical Life and Art of Ithell Colquhoun

SWEP – Podcast

We speak with Amy Hale, anthropologist, folklorist, and writer of many facets, on the life, art, and legacy of Ithell Colquhoun, one of the 20th century’s most important (if widely overlooked) esoteric artists. Born in colonial India in 1906, Colquhoun moved with her family back ‘home’ to England soon thereafter; she later relocated from London to Cornwall, where she lived out her latter decades deeply embedded in the landscape and lore of the south-west’s furthest promontory. She was interested in elements of western esotericism – particularly alchemy and magic – from a young age, and had a lifelong spiritual practice, which expressed itself most notably in her incredible body of work, but also in her involvement with British Surrealism and a number of initiatic organisations, from the O.T.O. to Druidic orders.

We discuss Colquhoun’s life, work, and esoteric thought, attempting (and profitably failing) to pin down the multifaceted esoteric life and identity of this crucial figure of twentieth century esoteric art.

Amy Hale on the Magical Life and Art of Ithell Colquhoun


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