Alternate Versions Of The Fool And Aeon Cards From The Thoth Deck

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Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law
By her own admittance, Frieda knew little about the tarot, but she was a talented artist and eventually agreed with Crowley’s suggestion that she paint a new deck. She joined the A.’.A.’. on Wednesday, May 11th, 1938. Under Crowley’s tutelage she, within a few years’ time, would produce what is arguably the most beautiful and symbolically rich deck ever created.
Though Crowley’s deep knowledge of the tarot and the occult sciences are echoed throughout the Thoth deck – it is Harris’s creative genius which gave them life. And to our great benefit, their collaboration produced something utterly unique. It is for this reason that these alternate images are of such value to the student.
Besides the Magus cards shared a few days ago I noted ten more alternate paintings and/or sketches in my archives related to the Trumps of the tarot. Because there are a few more of these then the Court Cards and Ace Cards (also previously shared) I have chosen to break these into two groups of five each.
Today’s first image is the now infamous Fool card featuring Harpo Marx who famously said, “I am the most fortunate self-taught harpist and non-speaking actor who has ever lived.” – also included is a sketch of the same. Note that in both editions, (as in the final) the Fool holds the Wand of Fire in his left hand the Cup of Water in his right – which is later reversed in Atu XIV.
This is followed by two versions of the Aeon Atu, the first of which was published on the obverse side of the first edition of Liber OZ. I should add that I believe this Blue-Aeon is the final painting in a transitional state, just minus the ghostly appearance of Hoor-Paar-Kraat – which was then added after OZ was printed.
Finally, there is an uncomplete sketch of the Hierophant card which is quite similar to the final rendition.
Love is the law, love under will

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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