Alphachanneling’s Art Depicts Sacred Sexuality

An image from Utopian Erotic, Fellow Being Radiated by Babe's Orgasm

“The sexual act is a sacrament of WiIl. To profane it is the great offense. All true expression of it is lawful; all suppression or distortion of it is contrary to the Law of liberty.” — Crowley, The Law is for All

As Claire Valentine says in PAPER, “His ‘Utopian Erotic’ drawings are a delicate expression of explicitly sexual themes; with soft colors, thin lines and psychedelic florals, Alphachanneling captures some of our rawest, most intimate moments as humans through a lens that is overtly and unexpectedly spiritual.” Inspired by “the premise that desire is an expression of the divine,” he creates erotic art for presentation on Instagram. Valentine’s interview with Alphachanneling discusses censorship, the role of erotic art in our lives, and the divine in sensuality.

An Erotic Artist on Censorship and Finding Spirituality in Sex

Art by Alphachanneling



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