Alkistis Dimech To Present at Magickal Women Conference

Alkistis Dimech posted this statement on her FB feed regarding the upcoming Magickal Women Conference being held in London in June:

“I’m delighted to be one of the speakers at the Magickal Women Conference in London this June, where I’ll present a paper on the intersection of dance, trance, possession, mediumship and female sexuality; a subject which has fascinated me since discovering the dances of yoginis, dakinis and apsaras, and their human avatars, whilst a student at the School of Oriental and African Studies in the nineties. At the conference I will focus on an aspect of my practice, the embodied experience of the divine, which I first touched upon in the essay ‘Outside the temple’ in the Devoted anthology (Scarlet Imprint 2008). I’ll explore this work from a more practical perspective, in light of my research into the nymph, which I approach in her myriad forms, veiled, as elemental divinity, as nubile woman, as immature mantis, and as the clitoris, the flower of sex. This research informs the creation of a dance cycle, Apocalyptería, the first dance of which, The decollation of flowers, is pictured, and the second and third of which are currently in progress. Elucidating a specific element of my working, the entranced or engodded state, I show how public performance, emerging from the confluence of creative process and private devotional, mantic and magical practices, can manifest or materialise the sacred.”

More information on her talk:

Tickets are on sale now, from the event website:

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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