Alkistis Dimech Speaks to the homebody podcast

Recently, Scarlet Imprint c0-founder/owner Alkistis Dimech  was interviewed for the homebody podcast. The Scarlet Imprint FB page says:

For the Scorpio full moon, Alkistis Dimech talking to Mary Grace Allerdice on the homebody podcast, about dance, exploring the daimonic space, what it means to interact with what she calls the “occulted body”, and again re-orienting ourselves to a different narrative of time. The conversation covers:
– How her magic practice and dance practice intersect
– The “occulted body” and her dissatisfaction with many of the dualistic ideas between mind, body and “energetic” body.
– The body as a way to re-learn and re-create language
– Unifying the masculine and feminine energies into a hermaphroditic magic.
– Why witchcraft needs to be re-wilded
– The role of the daimon and connecting with the sacred in-between.
– Connective tissue + divination.
– Embracing an erotic eschatology.
– Connecting to cyclical time as a rejection of finality.
– How life desires life on a cellular level.
– The creative act as something that cannot be destroyed.

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