Documentary about Violinist Paul Mercer Featuring Mass of Babalon

Algol Apollyon, frontman for the band Mehenet and former Master of Alombrados Oasis, OTO in the Valley of New Orleans recently posted a link to a documentary about the amazing musician Paul Mercer and filmed by Nathan Tucker. The film  features members of Alombrados Oasis, OTO doing a version of The Mass of Babalon, Evil Sarah. Set design by Algol Apollyon. Mercer has performed on a number of occasions at Alombrados. His site states:

“Paul Mercer is a composer and violinist from Atlanta, Georgia. He began studying the violin at age eight and started writing music almost immediately. At age 17, an epiphany occurred and music became the focus of his life.Developing his unique improvisational approach to the violin from street performing and forays into different genres and styles, he joined the neoclassical pop quintet The Changelings at their inception in 1994, going on to produce six critically acclaimed albums with them.  In 1995 he began studying Hindustani music with Afghan Rebab master Rafi Akbar Zada. The influence of raga and its ancient concept of modal music theory went on to greatly influence his style. In 1997 he entered the violin business, learning a great deal of the instruments history as well as becoming adept at identifying the work of different schools of makers. This experience led to the production of his first solo album of classical work, entitled “Ghosts”.  This recording has led to numerous soundtrack productions for stage and film, 36 to date. In 2004 he began performing with avant garde jazz pioneers DP3, releasing three albums. 2006 saw the birth of The Ghosts Project with cofounder Davis Petterson, which refined his improvisational technique and has resulted in three albums and improvisational musical collaborations too numerous to count.  In recent years he has toured and/or recorded with Jill Tracy, Zoe Keating, Brass Knuckle Surfer and Faith And The Muse at venues all over the world. He is currently working on a new Changelings album, a new Ghosts Project album, and putting the final touches on several soundtrack releases.” View the video here:


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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