Aleister Crowley’s Words Regarding Control of His Copyrights

There continues to be contreversy regarding Ordo Templi Orientis (legally established) claims of ownership of the copyrights to the writings of Aleister Crowely. So I offer these quotes from Crowley himself pertinent to this matter. All these come from a FB post by Dr. Richard Kaczynski:

In Crowley’s last will and testament of June 1, 1947 he begins by stating “I HEREBY REVOKE all Wills and testamentory dispositions at any time heretofore made by me.”

Then he says: “I GIVE AND BEQUEATH my books and writings and literary effects so collected to my Literary Executors free of all death duties ON TRUST that they shall hand over same to the Grand Treasurer General of the Ordo Templi Orientis (Order of the Temple of the East) at 260 West 72nd Street New York City with a request that the collection shall be for the absolute use and benefit for the said Order and I DECLARE that the receipt of the Grand Treasurer General of the said Order shall be a sufficient discharge to my Executors. I BEQUEATH free of all death duties all the copyrights in my books and writings whatsoever and wheresoever including any copyrights over which at the date of my death I may have any power of disposition to the Ordo Templi Orientis aforesaid (other than those copyrights which shall already be the property of the Order) for the absolute use and benefit of the said Order.”

Dr. Kaczynski goes on give reasons to believe that the OTO Crowley willed his copyrights to is the same OTO currently headed by Hymenaeus Beta, the successor to Hymenaeus Alpha aka Grady McMurtry.

The date of this new will was June 1, 1947. At that time there were no active Lodges in England. Crowley’s Grand Treasurer General and designated successor, Karl Germer was living in New Jersey. The only active Lodge in the world that acknowledged Crowley’s authority was actively corresponding with him and taking direction from him was Agape Lodge in southern California. Membership included Grady McMurtry, Phyllis Seckler, Helen Parsons Smith, and the others who were the people responsible for reactivating the Order, with leadership being passed to Hymenaeus Beta after Alpha celebrated his Greater Feast.

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