Alec K. Redfearn Composition Boasting Hermetic Symbolism

Alec K. Redfearn is an OTO initiate based in New England and “CEO & Founder” of the musical project Alec K. Redfearn & The Eyesores. According to Wikipedia:

Alec K Redfearn is a musician and composer based out of Providence, Rhode Island. He has composed music for dance, theater, and film. His primary instrument is the accordion. Most notable is his body of compositional work for The Eyesores, a genre-bending ensemble of unorthodox instrumentation which spawned in the mid-1990s and whose music spans old-time Americana, Appalachian, folk and Eastern European music.

“He composed the soundtrack for and acted in a small role in Providence-based director Laura Colella‘s 2004 film Stay Until Tomorrow. In 2005 he was awarded the MacColl Johnson Fellowship from the Rhode Island Foundation.

“He has also developed a unique style of playing the accordion, introducing elements commonly associated with the guitar such as distortion, drone, and noise. He has performed on accordion and recorded in several ensembles of which he also composes for, such as Amoebic Ensemble, Barnacled, and Beat Circus.”

Here’s a recent Eno-influenced number titled “Fivefold”one with obvious Hermetic symbolism. It also contains some oblique references to the Star Ruby. This was performed on: Voice, Accordion, Fuzz/Wah-Accordion, Rheem Mark 7 combo organ, Roland RS-09, Sears Rhyth-matic.


earthly bound
shackled to
the shaky ground
I reach out
in my sleep
Rabbit moon
waters deep

pixel thin
rabbit ears
to tune you in
I reach out
in my sleep
touching glass
a mile deep

ruby star
chase the ghosts
off in my car
I reach out
to the sky
fingers crossed
and terrified

trace the ground
raise my voice
without a sound
I reach out
knuckles white
glassy eyes
bluish light

gray-green sea
finger scrawl
your name in ash
I reach out
black fingertips
trace the shape
of tilted hips

curling lines
scratchy sounds
in coffee grounds
I reach down
where you once stood
trace the prints
upon the wood

heavy hands
for killing time
I reach out
trace the air
fivefold star
the circle squared

lunar light
bunny boned and
burning bright
bring your lucky
rabbit’s foot
leave a print
upon the wood

Alec Redfearn

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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