Alan Moore to Speak in London November 7

London’s Guardian newspaper is hosting an evening with magician/author Alan Moore November 7 at The Piccadilly Theatre, London. The announcement states:

“English novelist and comic book author Alan Moore returns this autumn with his second novel, Jerusalem, a fantastical exploration of his hometown of Northampton. The novel ranges from a chapter written in the style of Samuel Beckett, to a noir crime narrative, to a middle section which, in his own words, is like a “savage, hallucinating Enid Blyton.”

“At a rare live interview, Moore will talk to comedian Stewart Lee about the new novel, and an extraordinary writing career, which includes the much-loved, landmark comic books Watchmen, From Hell, V for Vendetta and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.”

Dr. Richard Kaczynski said of Moore’s presentation at the Trans State Conference: “One of the points he made in his keynote was that the ‘magical’ has been apportioned over the centuries to priests, artists, writers, musicians and even scientists, and that modern magicians need to reclaim the scattered pieces of their craft. This made me think in a whole new way about the story of Isis re-membering Osiris, or redeeming shards of the broken vessel in Lurianic Kabbalah.”


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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