Alan Moore To Appear At 14 Hour Super Weird Happening in Liverpool

On April 1, Greg Wilson will be taking over The Florrie, a stunning Grade II Victorian community heritage venue located in south Liverpool. to stage his 14 Hour Super Weird Happening with cult legend Alan Moore the main attraction. The event set to last from 11am to 1am the following morning promises live music, DJs, exhibitions, live art, spoken word, panel discussions and performance. GetIntoThis interviewed Moore about the event and even moore! Here’s one tiny excerpt:

“Getintothis: Are there any artists today you feel are effectively utilising the link between magic and creativity?

“AM: I tend to see art and magic as being actually pretty much interchangeable rather than simply linked, so I’d say that any effective artist, in whatever field, is successfully exploiting the magical qualities and abilities of art, whether they think of it in those terms or not.

Stewart Lee, for example, while he justifiably lacerates the many absurdities of the occult and occultists – witness his exposition on the Brotherhood of the Golden Dawn and the watery semen of Aleister Crowley – also understands the shamanic roots of the clown figure, and the magical social and psychological spaces that clowning can open up.

“All creative endeavour, in my definition of the term, is attempted magic. In fact, I think that sometimes being too aware of the magical element in a work can be to the work’s detriment. Probably better to just do the very best piece of art that you’re capable of and let the magic take care of itself, although with that said I think that if all artists took what they were doing as seriously as they would take summoning a god or a demon they might have greater success and be less prone to emotional or psychological estrangement.”

Read the entire interview here:

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