Advice From Baba Yaga

Here’s an advice column written in the “voice” of Baba Yaga. It’s not indicated that Taisia Kitaiskaia is claiming to actually being in psychic contact with the mythic Slavic wise woman/wonder worker. But what the hey. In case you’re not familiar with BY, here’s the author’s thumbnail:

“Who is Baba Yaga? We can begin with the facts. Baba Yaga is a prominent figure in Slavic folklore, an old witch haunting the fairy tales and woods of Eastern Europe for centuries, if not longer (like her ambiguous character, Baba’s origins are difficult to pin down). She lives in a magic hut, which has big, thick chicken legs and a mind of its own. A fence of bones and skulls guards the house. When she’s not hanging out in her hut, Baba Yaga goes on mysterious adventures in the forest, using a large mortar and pestle to get around. If her mortar drags on the forest floor, she’s quick to cover her tracks with a birch broom.

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Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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