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Earlier this Fall, noted occult author Frater Acher posted an essay on Rosicrucian Magick. Here’s an excerpt:

“Speaking of Rosicrucian Magic is a folly for many good reasons. It’s best to be avoided to be honest. Most people – scholars and practitioners alike – quickly came to substitute it with terms such as Theosophy, Pansophy, Astronomia Olympi more rarely, or simply adepta philosophia. So if we dare to use these two often romanticised and rarely understood terms here bound into one – Rosicrucian and Magic – it is for one reason alone. Because, if properly understood, nothing describes the essence of the work better than this simple term. The four arms of the cross span the world, they uphold its necessary tides and tensions; the rose is our work.

“We would like this term to be understood as referring to the practical magical legacy left behind by great adepts such as Johannes Tauler, Johannes Trithemius, Paracelsus, Jakob Böhme and many other, now nameless German mystics of the first and second century of the Protestant Reformation. We are precisely not referring to any occult order, any organisation known by seal and stamp, nor even any magical lineage. We are referring to a light that came through with these humans, shining in their works and words, and which, if we chose to, can guide us again today.”

Read the whole thang:

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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