AC2012 and Raul Seixas!

If you did not catch this gem from when it was originally posted, I highly recommend looking into the fascinating subject of the Sociedade Alternativa. Influential members of this collective were the so-called “Father of Brazilian Rock,” Raul Seixas and Brazilian author and poet, Paulo Coelho, author of The Alchemist.

As AC2012 reports, “Aleister Crowley has many supporters in Brazil, where Raul Seixas (with help from Paulo Coelho) turned the culture on its head with his visionary Thelemic anthem, Sociedade Alternativa” 

You can read the full article here where both the music of Raul is discussed as well as the subject of the Thelemic Community, Sociedade Alternativa:



Raul Seixas was highly influenced by the writings of Aleister Crowley and by fellow Brazilian  A.’.A.’. initiate, Marcelo Ramos Motta. The influence of Thelema can be seen throughout his body of work and he notably titled his 1975 third full length album release, Novo Aeon. On the Album, A Pedra do Gênesis,  we find the song, “A Lei,” meaning “The Law”, where Seixas paraphrases Crowley’s Liber OZ.

You can watch Raul Seixas sing, Sociedade Alternativa, here:


Also, AC2012 points out that Sociedade Alternativa was covered by none other than Bruce Springsteen, last year in a live performance in Sao Paulo. You can watch that video here:


Thanks to AC2012 for covering this and Viva o Novo Aeon!

Joshua Sharp

Joshua Adam Sharp was the founding Master of Alombrados Oasis, the New Orleans-based body of the Ordo Templi Orientis. He has been an initiate of the Order since 2002 and has had an avid interest in Thelema, the discipline of Magick, and the method of Scientific Illuminism since 1999. He has also been an Aspirant to the A.’.A.’. since 2008 and continues to prosecute this Great Work. Joshua is a graduate of the University of New Orleans and holds a continuing interest in neuropsychology, philosophy, and the sciences in general.


  1. Dear All,

    Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

    While I did not want to report on it, because I did not want to rely on Google translate, you may nevertheless be interested in the following archived interview with Raul Seixas.

    In the above link Raul discusses his relationship to Thelema, A.’.A.’., Anarchism, and the creation of the Alternative Society, the Star City, his censorship and eventual detainment/torture.

    Love is the law, love under will.


  2. As a Thelemite, I do not need to say that this blog became my frvoaite and my main page. I feel connected with Raul Seixas and with Thelema for my whole life. I was born in the same State of Raul Seixas was born and my education in thelema begins with him.There is a book about Raul Seixas written by another of his friend and helper, a man called Toninho Buda, in this book there is a part where Mr. Buda try to make a connection between 22 Raul Seixas songs and 22 tarot cards. A very interesting thing.

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