A Timeline of Sallie Ann Glassman

Sallie Ann Glassman is and has been so many different things over the years including a founding member of an O.T.O. Local Body in New Orleans. Oh, and was friends with the comedian Joan Rivers (?!) Just found this time line which looks pretty sound to me. Though I’ve also heard she ran a PowerZone for Kenneth Grant’s Typhonian Order as well.


1954 (December 14):  Sallie Ann Glassman was born in South Portland, Maine to atheist parents of Ukrainian Jewish heritage.

1970:  Sixteen-year-old Glassman visited the Jane Roberts group in Elmira, New York, and observed Roberts channel the entity known as Seth.

1976:  Glassman moved from Kennebunkport, Maine, to New Orleans where she worked as a bartender. Glassman met a psychic reader called André the Martiniquan at the Voodoo Museum on Dumaine Street in the French Quarter. He began to teach her about Vodou.

1980:  Glassman and friends formed a group named the Simbi-Sen Jak Ounfo to perform Vodou ceremonies.

1980:  Glassman became involved with the creation of a Caliphate Ordo Templi Orientalis group in New Orleans, named the Kali Lodge, and performing weekly OTO rituals.

Ca. 1980–1984:  Glassman took painting classes with artist Michael G. Willmon at the Art Institute of New Orleans.

Ca. 1980:  At the request of Gerald Schueler, Glassman began making pastel drawings inspired by the Enochian tradition for a deck of Enochian Tarot cards.

Ca. 1988:  Glassman went to California to visit Cherel Winett Ito, the executor of the estate of Maya Deren. Glassman was permitted to read the transcripts of Joseph Campbell’s interviews with Maya Deren.

1989:  Glassman’s Enochian Tarot deck was published with a book by Gerald and Betty Schueler, The Enochian Tarot.

1990–1992:  Vodou rituals were performed in her home from which Glassman drew inspiration for making pastel drawings for a New Orleans Voodoo Tarot card deck.

1992:  Glassman’s New Orleans Voodoo Tarot deck was published with a book authored by Louis Martinié, The New Orleans Voodoo Tarot.

Ca. 1993 (June 23):  Glassman and members of her Vodou congregation performed the first ceremony at Bayou St. John in New Orleans honoring Marie Laveau, the nineteenth-century Voodoo priestess of New Orleans. This was the beginning of an annual public Vodou ritual performed at Bayou St. John.

1995 (August 18):  Glassman performed the first public Vodou ceremony in the Bywater neighborhood in the Upper Ninth Ward of New Orleans to ask Ogou to protect the neighborhood from crime.

1995:  Glassman opened Island of Salvation Botanica on Piety Street near her home in Bywater.

1995 (November):  Glassman went to Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and was initiated as a manbo asogwe (high priestess) in Vodou by houngan asogwe (high priest) Edgard Jean-Louis and houngan asogwe Silva Joseph.

2000:  Glassman published her book titled Vodou Visions.

2005 (June):  A peristyle (temple) was completed for the rituals of Glassman’s Vodou congregation renamed La Source Ancienne Ounfo, for which Glassman obtained 501(c)(3) tax exempt status.

2005 (August 29):  Hurricane Katrina landed on the Gulf Coast of the United States, causing a storm surge and the breaching of canal levees in New Orleans, resulting in the flooding of most of the New Orleans Metropolitan Area.

2008–2009 (November 1–January 18):  Prospect.1 New Orleans, a city-wide international exhibition of contemporary art was held. A building on St. Claude Avenue, which formerly housed a furniture store and which Glassman and her partner Pres Kabacoff were developing into the New Orleans Healing Center, hosted an exhibition of works of art for Prospect.1. A satellite exhibition of works of art included Glassman’s own paintings and the works of other artists.

2008:  Glassman and co-workers organized the first Anba Dlo (Beneath the Water) festival held at the Healing Center, highlighting New Orleans culture and music, with a symposium of experts discussing issues relating to water in south Louisiana.

2010 (January 12):  A massive earthquake devastated Haiti. Glassman brought Edgard Jean-Louis to New Orleans to stay at her home.

2010 (August 26):  Edgard Jean-Louis died at his home in Haiti.

2011:  Glassman and Kabacoff moved into the unique home they built in Bywater.

2011 (March):  The first New Orleans Sacred Music Festival was held at the New Orleans Healing Center.

2011 (August):  The New Orleans Healing Center was officially opened on St. Claude Avenue in New Orleans.

2011 (October):  Glassman and Kabacoff married.

2014:  Glassman was named 2014 New Orleans Top Female Achiever by the New Orleans Magazine.

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