A Sex Toy That Might Kill You

A sex doll

No, we’re not talking phthalates, though those are their own concern. We can address that in another post. Today we’re talking full-on Terminator.

That’s right, your sex doll could kill you. According to the Daily Star, “Sex robots plagued with coding errors could be prone to violent behaviours including strangling, an expert has warned.” If you’re into being choked during sex, no judgment, but you might want to limit that kink to interactions with trusted human partners.

Of course, given the name of the “expert,” this article may well be total trolling. You think? But maybe do the kinky games in a safer context. People get killed with autoerotic asphyxiation. This is just a robot-enhanced version.

Sex robots with ‘coding errors’ prone to ‘violence and could strangle humans.’


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