A Political and Mystical Virtual Exhibition

presented by Pro Arts, Oakland and curated by Monet Clark
hosted within 3D galleries embedded into the Pro Arts website: proartscommons.org/invocationdemocracy
The show progresses mystically so be sure to check out works in galleries 2 and 3, as well as one, with performance, video, and interdisciplinary works and music videos. It runs through Inauguration Day 1/20/21, and is itself a spell holding vigil for a peaceful transition of power and the democracy we envision.
This critic really has a grasp of the mystical/political concepts of the show as well a formal take on the works, a great read:

The Democratic Muse: Invoking the Future by Donald Brackett


INVOCATION DEMOCRACY, A Political and Mystical Virtual Exhibition ARTIST TALK 2 
with LIVE PERFORMANCE by ‘life as art’ veteran LINDA MONTANO
Talk moderated by curator and eco-feminist artist Monet Clark and Presented by Pro Arts, Oakland. Recorded Sunday December 6th, 2020
Panelist discussion on the role of the mystic & the subconscious in these artist’s practices & physical lives; animism; Indigenous culture and contemporary art; art ancestor Joseph Beuys; reflections on multicultural American ancestors; biases of The Frankfurt School, and its strengths; populism vs elitism in the millennial generation of artists audience engagement; the liminality of art practice; disability studies; mysticism; & our democracy. With: alchemy expert, art critic and NYC artist ANN McCOY known for her large scale drawings and sculpture; Los Angelino non-binary, Indigenous Wixárika, multi-disciplinary artist & psychotherapist EDGAR FABIÁN FRÍAS; and performance video, sculpture & multi-channel installation and photographic artist DARRIN MARTIN whose work explores the synesthetic qualities of perception.
If you missed it…
recorded Nov. 15, 2020:
Lit inspired artist talk discussing the interplay between climate justice, misogyny, Indigenous culture, human and animal rights, mysticism and our democracy; the liminality of artistic practice; and art as social activation; the legacy of Joseph Beuys; the Tibetan mystic studies of Marcel Duchamp; the impact of Marjorie Cameron, Hilma af Klint; and more. With mystic surrealist feminist artist Penny Slinger in L.A.; Native American artist and history interventionist Edgar Heap of Birds in OK; cultural activist and Buddhist performance artist/filmmaker John DiLeva Halpern in NYC; performance, video, body artist and SFAI’s New Genre’s Dept Chain Jennifer Locke in SF; and moderated by curator and eco-feminist Artist Monet Clark in Nevada City, CA; with cameos by ‘life as art’ activist Linda Montano, and Lady Monster, also exhibitors in the show, INVOCATION DEMOCRACY A Political and Mystical Virtual Exhibition. It is up, within 3D galleries, through Inauguration Day January 20, 2021, holding vigil for a peaceful transition of power and the democracy we envision, and presented by Pro Arts Commons, Oakland and curated by Monet Clark.


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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