A New Book On Surrealist Icon Marcel Duchamp

On this blog you’ve heard me prattle on numerous times about the interweaving of the Surrealist art and ceremonial  magick scenes, best epitomized by the great artist and mage Leonora Carrington. Another key figure was Marcel Duchamp who utterly transformed basic concepts of what art is and how it’s created, with EGC Bishop Harry Smith (whose art featured on O.T.O. initiation certificates at  point), claiming that he moved from San Francisco to NYC to collaborate Duchamp.

So perhaps you’d be interested in a book published earlier this year titled Spellbound By Marcel: Duchamp, Love and Art, written by Ruth Brandon which seems to make a good case for Duchamp’s ability to cast a highly effective glamour. It also appears to document Duchamp operating outside the norms of contemporary sexual mores. Here’s a review in the New York Times Book Review:


And here’s an academic paper regarding Duchamp’s influence on Harry:



Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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