A New ‘5D’ Cinema Experience

Viewers wearing special glasses at the 5D cinema

Given the plethora of online porn, not to mention the ease of home viewing a DVDs or Blu-Ray, it’s easy to understand why seeing adult movies in the cinema has fallen out of favor. That could change, though, with some new technology at work. Dutch Review reports that there’s a new ‘5D’ porn theater in Amsterdam, noting, “The municipality of Amsterdam has prohibited large groups of tourists from entering the Red Light District as of January 1st, 2020. There’s been scrutiny of the sort of people that see sex work as a tourist attraction.”

In an interview with Dutch Review, Natalie of 5D Porn says, “…you’re on a motion seat that takes you further into the experience, there are air jets and wind and water sensations making this a 5D experience.” She says there are 18 people per viewing, and “We are definitely not just going after tourists for our audience, it’s funny because in Amsterdam even the Dutch people have an interest in breaking free from the norm. Come with your wife, have a laugh, try something different.”

De Wallen has a New Sex Theatre: 5D Porn Opens this Saturday

Thanks to Fr. Von Hohenheim for the scoop!


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