A Materialistic View of Sorcerey

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“I have a pretty materialist view of the world, with one exception: I believe in magic. This means I still believe in a universe where mechanisms of cause and effect account for phenomena, but that I perceive and acknowledge forces that are beyond the material in this mechanistic process. This stands in stark contrast to a fatalistic or religious view where everything happens for a reason and Gods, Spirits, or Destiny are the determining your success or failure, It also stands in contrast to the western version of Karma, where everyone gets good or bad returned tit-for tat or three times over.

“That spell that didn’t work out? It’s not because you pissed off the Goddess by missing a prayer.. It’s because your link was not strong enough. It’s because you should have approached it from a different angle. Its because it wasn’t an enchant-able situation to begin with. Get it?

“The reason that life falls apart when doing trying achieve K&C of the HGA or other high-impact initiatory work isn’t that the angel is removing things that need to be removed. Its because you are exposing yourself to volatile power and acclimating yourself to it. It’s cause and effect, not destiny.

“The Same is true of success. You won because you played the game well and enchanted luck to fall your way – not because you are better or more blessed than those who lost.

“One thing: some times the mechanistic universe can look a lot like the hand of the gods. A Sorcerer who curses people constantly and experiences never-ending bad luck is not necessarily experiencing the wrath of the gods or karmic vengeance for their negative act, they are just surrounding themselves too often with spirits and powers that thrive on conflict.

“Likewise that thing that happened 10 years ago that you are now thankful for, or you would not be where you are today is not the hand of destiny. Its just the arc of your life and the cause and effect that brought you where you are now.

“Entertain the idea that destiny is not micro-managing your life and that vast cosmic powerful gods don’t actually give as shit about whether you get hired or laid or anything else.

“Entertain the idea that magic is another causal force and that success or failure depends on how good you are at and what you try to do with it rather than the will of the spirits.

“Entertain the idea that you are very small indeed and that your life has no purpose you need to discover, only one you need to determine for yourself.

Because honestly, if the gods are just guiding everyone to what they want them to do, I really have no idea what the hell we’re dicking around with Sorcery for.

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