A Look Inside Jimmy Page’s Tower House London Home

Recently, the Daily Mail was invited to visit Jimmy Page’s London home as Page hunkers down for a legal battle to keep British pop star Robbie Williams from making improvements to his property next door, which Jimmy claims will jeopardize architectural details and overall integrity of his home, as well as of the art he’s collected. So here’s your chance to tour Jimmy’s latterday domicile! Shame he didn’t do this while he resided at Boleskine! Here’s an excerpt from the article:

“Tower House is Page’s sanctuary. Only those closest to him have crossed the threshold since he bought it from actor Richard Harris in 1972, shortly after the release of Led Zeppelin’s fourth album, which featured Stairway To Heaven.

“He paid £350,000, outbidding David Bowie, for the house that was Burges’s home and showroom until he died here in 1881.

“‘I came to view it in the evening. It was dark,’ he says. ‘I’d heard about the house and was so interested in Gothic revival and Pre-Raphaelites.

“‘When I walked in I thought, “Oh my goodness gracious. This is unbelievable.”

“‘Then I started seeing all the details and thought, “This is absolutely magical.”

“‘It was like walking into an architectural Aladdin’s cave. It had such an effect on me when I came out of the house that I was heady from the experience.’

“We visit on a glorious early summer’s day when sunlight pours through the stained glass windows. Page opens the door himself. There are no minders. No flashiness.

“The interior is truly intoxicating. So much so you can only look around and wonder.

“It is a place of fantasy, of classical allusion, of the finest attention to detail and beauty.

“‘This isn’t a place for a party and it isn’t a place for a p**s up,’ says Page.

“He is, don’t forget, a rock star with a wild reputation.

“‘Judge for yourself. I’ve never had parties here. I’ve been very well-behaved, as you can see,’ he says.”

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Thanks to Tau Roncellin for the tip!

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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  1. ….. That House is a Fine example of artistic craftsmanship – It is also ‘Alive’ and some people could easily become Possessed by it.

    – I would enjoy a guided tour of It for one hour; then I would head for the Nearest exit!!!

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