A Look At the Constitution Pt 2

The Man of Earth members typically affiliate with the various types of Local Bodies: Encampment, Oasis or Lodge.

According to Electoral College rules the requirements for each type of Body is:


  • Financial records
  • Mailing address
  • E-mail
  • Third Degree Master
  • Two First Degree members
  • Classes: COLMH requires Camps “to provide such membership services and activities within its local area as are appropriate to the Man of Earth Grade, and as it is capable of providing.” The EC interprets this as least six classes, lectures or discussion groups per year.
  • Masses: There is no requirement for Camps to offer celebrations of the Gnostic Mass.


  • The same requirements as camp PLUS
  • Two Third Degree members
  • 0-III initiation equipment
  • Mass facility: This is interpreted by the EC as necessary for the celebration of the Gnostic Mass (see below).
  • Initiation facility
  • First Degree Deputy
  • First Degree Secretary
  • First Degree Treasurer
  • Classes: The COLMH states, “(Oases) should provide instruction in the form of classes and/or written material.” The EC interprets this as offering at least six classes, lectures, or discussion groups per year. Note that the same criteria is currently applied to Camps.
  • Masses: The COLMH states, “(Oases) should endeavor to celebrate the Gnostic Mass on a regular basis.” The EC interprets this as celebrating the Gnostic Mass at least six times per year.
  • Bank account in the local body’s name.


See also “Electoral College Clarification on Lodge Space” from the Fall 2011e.v. meeting.

  • The same requirements as Oasis PLUS
  • Vth Degree master
  • 0-IV/PI initiation equipment
  • Initiation facility: The COLMH states, “Lodges are expected to establish, or secure the use of, a dedicated lodge facility in which to conduct local O.T.O. functions and events. Such lodge facilities should be rented, leased, owned, or otherwise controlled by the Order of the local body, and should be clearly and permanently set apart from the normal private living quarters of any lodge officer or member.” The EC interprets this to mean either 1) a dedicated, full-time facility used for no other purpose or 2) a regular by-the-day rental of a consistent commercial facility, i.e. another fraternal hall.
  • Masses: The COLMH states, “All lodges are expected to celebrate the Gnostic Mass as often as possible.” This is interpreted by the EC as at least twelve times per year.
  • Bank account in the local body’s name.

All these Bodies are legally “unincorporated assocations” that are not owned by USGL but created by charter from USGL

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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