A Look at 2 Finnish Films From the ’50’s Dealing w Witchcraft and Female Sexuality

Here’s an interesting article published by ReprobatePress regarding two hyper-obscure Finnish horror films from the 1950’s both of which address the occult and female sexuality. An excerpt reads:

“The two films are very different in style and content – The White Reindeer is essentially a fairy tale, albeit a rather dark one, while The Witch Returns to Life is a more playful, comedic story with a contemporary setting, but behind these differences, the two films have a great deal in common. Both deal with female desire and sexuality, and the way that others – mostly, though certainly not exclusively, men – respond to that. Curiously, the film that is generally seen as the more disposable is the one that makes the more pointed references to that fact that sexually precocious young women are seen as a threat by the wider society, here represented by suspicious and superstitious old people and lust-filled young men who don’t take rejection well. The White Reindeer, on the other hand, is a little less sympathetic to its female protagonist, who really is the monster that she is made out to be.”

Read the whole article:


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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