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On Tuesday, September 19, Black Dog & Leventhal released a great new book by sexologist Philippe Brenot and graphic artist Laetitia Coryn, The Story of Sex: A Graphic History Through the Ages. Most history books don’t talk about sex, and that can lead to all sorts of misconceptions about how things might have been in “the good old days.” Why not learn the facts?

An except from the cover text:

The first graphic history of sex chronicles sexuality and human intimacy through the ages, from our primate pasts to our robotic futures.

Humans have had sex on the brain since pre-civilization either for pleasure, power, revenge, a desire for children, or simply because it isn’t allowed. Today, sex is all around us but it’s rarely explained and almost never taught. In The Story of Sex, sexologist Phillipe Brenot combines anthropology, sociology, psychology and history with witty comics by Latetita Coryn for an in-depth explanation of this essential aspect of humanity. 

Organized chronologically into sections like Babylon: Free Love, The Middle Ages: Heaven and Hell, and The 20th Century: Sexual Liberation, Brenot explores what eroticism really is, how our ancestors behaved sexually, when the first couple was established, how superstition and morality laws shaped sexuality, the use of pornography in the digital age, and how some ancient civilizations were far ahead of their time when it came to gender equality.

Philippe Brenot is the Director of Sexology at Paris Descartes University, a psychiatrist, and an anthropologist. He has written the widely-acclaimed books in France: Inventing the Couple, Men, Sex, Love, and Women, Sex, and Love and founded the blog Liberte, Egalite, and Sexualite for Le Monde. He lives in Paris. Laetitia Coryn is a graphic artist and illustrator based in France.

Read an interview with Laetitia Coryn in Why Don’t History Books Talk About Sex? Here’s One That Does.

Find the book on Amazon.

Thanks to Frater Von Hohenheim for the tip!


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