A Feature Film Featuring Paganism, Occult Tradition, Arcane Numerology and Made-up Nonsense

Midsommar is a new film by director Ari Astor that in some ways seems like a pumped up version of the tragi-comic masterpiece The Wicker Man. A young American couple tale a vacation to Sweden to participate in a local traditional festival with deep, and somewhat dark Pagan roots – and then the fun begins! This will be a good Gothy scare for muggles while those who are familiar with, dare I say practicioners of some of these mysteries will have that naughty thrill of seeing it portrayed on a big screen for all to see, even if a bit distorted. Here’s an excerpt from the Guardian’s review:

“The belief system of the happy inhabitants of Hårga seems to be a mix of northern European paganism, occult tradition, arcane numerology and made-up nonsense. How much of each? Native Swedes will have a better idea when it comes to the local lore. May Queens, maypoles and flower crowns are familiar elements of many real-life midsummer rituals. The runes scattered throughout the movie are also genuine (any translators of Elder Futhark out there?). Even the worse-than-death fate of Simon in the chicken coop is based on legends of a gory Norse practice known as the “blood eagle”. There also seems to be something significant about multiples of nine: the division of human life into four 18-year “seasons”, ending at 72 (that unforgettably gory cliff-jumping Ättestupa ritual is also a real thing). Note how Dani is celebrating her birthday – if it’s her 27th, it would place her in the exact centre of the second season, the “midsummer” of her life. Then there are the nine sacrifices, the nine-day festival, the 90-year cycle. Does it all fit together? Does it matter?”


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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