A Feast for the First Day of the Writing of the Book of the Law

Today, April 8, celebrates the writing of Chapter I of The Book of the Law. This chapter is written in the voice of Nuit, who tells us, “I am the blue-lidded daughter of Sunset; I am the naked brilliance of the voluptuous night-sky.” She also advises, “Invoke me under my stars! Love is the law, love under will. Nor let the fools mistake love; for there are love and love. There is the dove, and there is the serpent. Choose ye well! He, my prophet, hath chosen, knowing the law of the fortress, and the great mystery of the House of God.”

sopa de estrellitasIn celebration of this day, why not try the recipes below as part of your feast?

Above, the gemmèd azure is
The naked splendour of Nuit;
She bends in ecstasy to kiss
The secret ardours of Hadit.
The wingèd globe, the starry blue,
Are mine, O Ankh-af-na-khonsu!

Blueberry Feta Salad

None, breathed the light, faint & faery, of the stars, and two.

Sopa de Estrellitas (star soup)



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