A Deeper Look at the Occult Roots of Modern Art

Following up on last week’s post on the occult roots of modern art in honor of the birthday of Wassily Kandinsky, a wise and learned man suggests this academic book, published in 2012 Handbook of New Religions and Cultural Production, edited by Carole Cusack and Alex Norman. The book’s publisher explains the general premise of this volume: “The cultural products of new religions and spiritualities are frequently ignored or dismissed within academia, often stemming from a hesitation to acknowledge these movements as genuine. This volume explores the impact of new religions upon cultural production, exemplifying the theological and spiritual principles of particular movements and demonstrating their substantial impact on wider society. Contributions explore the realms of music, architecture, food, art, books, films, video games, and more. This scholarship will be of interest to those who wish to explore the gamut of modern religious expression, and those who wish to broaden their knowledge of the spiritual origins of human culture.”

Meanwhile the chapter by Jennifer McFarlane “Agency of the Object: Leadbeater & The Pectoral Cross,” deals directly with the relationship of Theosophy’s impact on the output of a number of artists including Kansinksy. Much of the text of this chapter can be read online (unless you’ve got the $300 purchase price handy!):

Handbook of New Religions


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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