A Day With A Sorcerer at William Blake Lodge

Here’s a plug for a wonderful event being held at William Blake Lodge, OTO, in the Valley of Baltimore. Also a posting regarding the nature of incarnation that I wholeheartedly endorse. Though neither, nor likely the author, Inominandum (whom the Baltimore event revolves around) would tell you is “true” per se:

“Did you know I once attained complete enlightenment?

“True Story….

“There I was sitting under an overpass (the NJ equivalent of the Bodi Tree) and BAM!!! Enlightened. Full, Total, Enlightenment. Complete with Ipsissimus card giving all the rights and privileges thereof.

“The world fell away and there I was outside time and space, in a Heavenly Pure Land. Being outside of time and space, everything had already happened so you were there too. So was everybody else. Every sentient being ever was there, so I guess that Bodhisattva vow thing worked out after-all.

“There we were sitting on our floating lotus seats, our robes floating inches off our luminescent  bodies, and dwelling in perfect peace profound. We congratulated each other and sang each other praises, and hallelujahs with divine 12 toned voices of angels. Then we just kind of sat for little while, impossible to say how long, being outside of time and all. At some point I felt a pang of emptiness. Not Shunyata, or Void, but boredom.

“So I steered my floating lotus over to yours and said “That was a good game we had going. Wanna play another round?”

“You said “Yeah, sure, why not.”

“And just like that we were all back. Incarnated for sheer entertainment, because while the world can be frustrating and filled with horror, perfect peace profound can be boring.

“It’s ok though, because we are all already enlightened. The frustrations of this bumpy rock are empty of inherent nature.  Just like the problems of a protagonist in a book, or running from the monster in a horror movie, we engage the play of existence for… whatever reason. The trick is figuring out how be more enlightened here, in the sharp-edged incarnation, not on the floating lotus flower field or cloudy heaven. ”

Day With A Sorcerer In Baltimore

“Come to Baltimore on May 20th and join me for a day! I am presenting three classes at William Blake Lodge of the OTO: Introduction to Strategic Sorcery, Financial Sorcery, and Sex Magick. Registration includes lunch, coffee, tea, and water.”

$50 admission per person; $30 for dues-current WBL members

Register HERE

“Morning Session: Introduction to Strategic Sorcery
Sometimes it is not the ritual or spirit that makes the difference, but the way that we apply them to our lives. Start the day learning the principals and approach of Strategic Sorcery – a system designed to improve the spiritual and material results of almost any style of magic. After explaining the keys to unlocking success, participants will have the opportunity to present real and present goals that can be workshopped in class as examples of Strategic Sorcery in action.

“Afternoon Session: Sex Magic and Inner Heat
Sex Magic is sometimes described as a type of Alchemy, but there can be no Alchemy without heat. In this class Jason will get into the details of how to purify the etheric body and cultivate inner heat before engaging in Sex Magic, in order to make it a true practice of alchemical sublimation – literally making yourself more subtle. We will discuss in *intimate* detail every aspect of this, so that you walk away from this class knowing exactly what to do and how to do it.

“Evening Session: Financial Sorcery
Everyone does money magic from time to time, usually when emergencies make it a matter of dire necessary. In this class Jason will focus on going beyond “money magic” and into true Financial Sorcery – the act of making financial success a part of your magical practice. Whether you are already well off, or deep in debt this class will talk about how to improve your monetary situation and keep it heading on the right trajectory so that the next time those emergencies crop up – it is no big deal.”

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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