A Conjuration of Astaroth

Another day, another… publication by England’s Hadean Press (BTW, the founder was initiated into O.T.O. at Thelesis in the Valley of Philadelphia many moons ago). Here’s what they say about this one:

Today we have a very exciting addition to our Guides to the Underworld series. The Grimoire of Pius V: A Conjuration of Astaroth is a translation of a curious text taken from the publication Handschriftliche Schätze aus Kloster-Bibliotheken… (Handwritten treasures from monastery libraries…) putatively published in Cologne in 1734 and here translated and introduced by Robert Nixon.

Though the attribution to Pius V cannot be credited, the conjuration displays a detailed knowledge of liturgy and theology and a certain elaborateness and precision which indicate that whoever produced it did so with all earnestness. This is clearly the work of a genuine student of the occult (and almost certainly a Roman Catholic priest), most likely dating from the seventeenth century.

The conjuration itself includes sections on preparatory procedures, conjurations to be done before the introit of the mass, the greeting of the spirit, curses to be said following the Sanctus, and the ritual of the Knotted Stole, and comprises an entire conjuration and dismissal process similar to that found in many grimoires.

At its heart, the intention of this conjuration is to command the spirit Astaroth to grant ‘gold and silver and all the precious things of this world’ to the operant. Overall, it is a fascinating example of the use of illicit magic in the early modern period.

This title is available in print and digital editions from the Hadean website and will appear on Amazon for Kindle shortly. As always, we thank you for your support of Hadean Press!


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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