A Book Stemming From the Experience of Practitioners of Franz Barden’s System of Magick

Published last month, The Franz Bardon Tradition is comprised of interviews with active practitioners of the noted ceremonial magician Franz Bardon. The posted description says:

“The Franz Bardon Tradition stands out as a unique book containing the collected insights of several adepts who worked through one of the most rigorous and thorough magical training systems known to humanity. In its pages, the reader can expect to find wisdom gained through years of experience walking the magical path presented in a readable and down to earth format.

“This book offers:

  1. Interviews from ten well-known practitioners, conducted over a five year period and collated by Falcon Books Publishing.
  2. Discussions of subjects pertaining to Franz Bardon’s three books: Initiation into HermeticsThe Practice of Magical Evocation, and The Key to the Quabbalah.
  3. Information presented in a question and answer format and intended to offer guidance on the steps that students often find the most challenging when working through Initiation into Hermetics.

“This book is bound to be a valuable source of guidance and inspiration for those who are walking the path to adepthood laid out by the renowned Czech adept Franz Bardon. By sharing the responses of experienced practitioners of magic to the most pressing questions asked by those striving for adepthood, this book offers insights into the life, training, and work of modern day practitioners.”

Pick up a copy!


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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