A 50-Year-Old Mystery, Solved

F-106 flying over the Mojave Desert

F-106 flying over the Mojave DesertAir and Space magazine reports that in June 2014, forester Austin Lunn-Rhue uncovered the nearly forgotten wreckage of an Air Force F-106 that went down August 1964 in Washington State’s Olympic Peninsula. The wreckage is in a stand of trees that hasn’t been harvested-—or visited—-in 50 years. “Because the aircraft slammed into a privately owned forest-—and possibly due to the nature of -106 missions during that time-—the incident has remained almost completely unknown. As soon as Lunn-Rhue returned from the foresting survey, he asked the company’s president if he knew of a crashed airplane on the property. His boss had never heard about any crash in more than 30 years at the company, and no one else at the business had either. Lunn-Rhue posted photographs on his Facebook page, asking for help identifying the aircraft. He found just one article about the crash, a short piece in the Port Angeles Evening News, which identified the airplane as an F-106 and noted that the pilot had safely ejected.”

In a Remote Forest, Traces of a 50-Year-Old Mystery


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