31 Anniversary of Election of Hymenaeus Beta to Succeed Alpha

On his FB feed, Robert Flores notes:

“On this day in 1985 – at the Holiday Inn in Concord CA – (of all places) Hymenaeus Beta was elected to succeed Grady L McMurtry (Hymenaeus Alpha) as head of the Ordo Templi Orientis – following Grady’s death on the 12th of July 1985. After the election this now well known group photo was taken (by Shirine Morton who was also present). However what many miss in this photo is that sitting on the table, front and center was a decorative box containing Grady’s ashes which were brought to the meeting by Bill Heidrick who simply felt that Grady needed to be there… Today this box no longer contains Grady’s ashes, as these were cast into the ocean on the first anniversary of the Caliph’s Greater Feast, instead it now contains many of Grady’s personal trinkets including a handful of Egyptian figurines that he kept on his alter and his personal Thoth deck (which Grady cut the borders from, leaving only the image intact). “


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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