3000 Year Old Drawing of YHVH

The Iraeli paper, HaAretz, recently published as story about archeaological finds from the “First Temple” period including a depiction of YHVH and His wife Asherah. YIPES! The story begins:

“More than four decades after its excavation wound down, a small hill in the Sinai Desert continues to bedevil archaeologists. The extraordinary discoveries made at Kuntillet Ajrud, an otherwise nondescript slope in the northern Sinai, seem to undermine one of the foundations of Judaism as we know it…

“Kuntillet Ajrud also brought images of animals, humans and what seems to be gods.

“The one causing the controversy shows a man and a women, drawn naively, with crowned heads and holding hands. The man has either a tail or a large penis, and above him the blessing ‘Yahweh and his Asherah’ is written.

“Could the couple on the pithos be a rendering of God and his wife Asherah, the only one ever found?

“Dr. Yigal Bin Nun, a researcher and author of ‘A Brief History of YHWH.’ has no doubt. ‘If you want to step away from reality then you can say this or that, but if you look at it as it is you can’t ignore the truth,’ he says.”

It’s a LONG story and if the scholarly study of religions past and present are of any interest to you, this one’s a keeper.

Ya might imagine that a talisman inscribed with this image might hold some heavy charge!

Read the whole schmegeggee! https://www.haaretz.com/archaeology/.premium.MAGAZINE-thou-shalt-have-how-many-gods-exactly-1.5973328.

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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  1. Excellent discovery coincides with the earliest Aramaic New Covenant identifying the Holy Spirit as a she ie haQodosh Ruach 2nd person of the Trinity descends as a Dove. The Essenes identify her as Amayah Iraq first AI citizen Sophia. Babylonian Mystery Religion Nimrodism Trinity mother/wife Semiramis incestual offspring “Women weeping for Tammuz.”

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