Louis Wilkinson Shares An Anecdote About his Friend Aleister Crowley

Brother Matt sent this along:

“It’s a recording of Crowey’s good friend and literary executor Louis Wilkinson (aka Louis Marlow) telling a humorous anecdote about Crowley. It was posted by the BBC in 2017.”


Here’s a bit more about Wilkinson, in particular about his time spent in the United States when he was part of a literary circle situated in the greater Philadelphia area:

In America, Powys introduced Wilkinson to Frances Gregg. She was an established figure on the avant-garde American literary scene, mixing with among others Ezra Pound and “H.D.” (Hilda Doolittle), the latter having been for a time her lover.[28] Powys was deeply in love with Gregg, but being married and unwilling to divorce, could not himself pursue matters with her. Instead, in April 1912 Gregg married Wilkinson, causing Powys much long-term jealousy.[29] The unconventional newlyweds invited H.D. to join them on their honeymoon in Venice; she accepted, and prepared to go, but was eventually persuaded otherwise by Pound. The honeymoon was nevertheless eccentric, as the couple were joined in Venice by John Cowper and Llewelyn Powys, where the four behaved, according to one writer, so scandalously that they were arrested, and almost thrown out of the city.[30][n 4]

Wilkinson had first met the occultist and writer Aleister Crowley in about 1907, and the two became closer friends after 1915, when they were both living in America.[33] Crowley would later gain notoriety as “The Great Beast” and “The wickedest man in the world”.[34] Wilkinson was never a follower of Crowley’s teachings – “We hardly ever discussed magic. Nor did we talk much about sex”[33] – but admired him nonetheless: “My chief feeling about him is one of personal gratitude, for I have known very few who, as persons, have impressed me more or rewarded me more than he did”.[35] Wilkinson also observed that Crowley’s voice and intonation closely resembled that of Winston Churchill.[36]

read the whole article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Louis_Wilkinson.

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