New Playlists Added to O.T.O. USA Spotify Account

The O.T.O. USA Spotify account has been developing slowly but nicely. We’ve added playlists devoted to Coil (one with minimal vocals for possible use in ritual and one that manifests their occult interests), O.T.O. Cabinet member David Tibet’s Coil, New Orleans’ metal outfit Mehenet (whose line-up includes O.T.O. initiates) and other goodies.

This is a work in progress and expect to see music by Active O.T.O. initiates, music inspired by Thelema, and the O.T.O. etc. Some playlists will be lighthearted, some more serious. Hopefully all will find something to enjoy.

If you are an Active, initiate member of O.T.O. feel free to submit a playlist of your own music or a curated list of other artists’ music which you’re comfortable having attributed to an O.T.O. member (using your magical motto if you prefer.

If you dig it – please Follow the account.

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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