Gods & Radicals Press is publishing a new book by Asa West on May 1, Ritona. The posted description says:

From Asa West, the author of the wildly-popular Five Principles of Green Witchcraft, comes her exciting second release with RITONA: The Witch’s Kin: Deepening Your Relationship With Nature, Spirit, and Humankind.

In this book, Asa West offers a profoundly radical — yet deeply intuitive — framework for relating to all the others around us. Drawing from the deep wells of animist, scientific, and magical traditions, as well as her own deeply kind insights into human and other-than-human relations, The Witch’s Kin offers practical advice for being in the world with others.

“The kinship worldview restores our nature as humans, one clan among the many with whom we share this world. This book is a wonderful gift to those of us whose ancestors long ago lost the practices of relationship and connection, guiding us in how we may return to the family of all beings.”


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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