Satanism: A Reader

Oxford University Press recently published Satanism: A Reader edited by Per Faxneld and Johan Nilsson. The posted description says:

“Satanism is a current of thought that generates intense feelings. It remains understudied by academics. This selection of key source texts from the period 1841 to 2017 attempts to remedy that gap. Ranging from the esoteric to the anti-clerical, countercultural, and political, the texts span a wide variety of genres, from poetry and polemical religious tracts to ritual instructions and internet FAQ’s. All are provided with comprehensive introductions, written by specialists in the field, that offer readers both critical historical context and expert scholarly interpretation.

“Chronologically structured, the book can be read as a succinct historical overview of the development of Satanism, with the immediacy that only primary sources can provide. It is ideal for both classroom and research use, as well as a fascinating read for anyone with an interest in the occult, the transgressive, secularization, and the fringes of the religious landscape.”


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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