Lingua Ignota: The Art of Feminist Revenge

Was reading the Goings On About Town section of the New Yorker and noted the reference to invoking both Jesus and Satan as being part of the oeuvre of the artist Lingua Ignota. And as fusing, or showing the unity between those two figures is one of the great aims of a wide range of mystics, sorcerers and charlatans – how could I not let you in on this ‘un. The item says:

“Since the inception of her Lingua Ignota project, in 2017, Kristin Hayter has fused opera, metal, noise, and experimental extended vocal techniques into brutal exorcisms of trauma. Hers is the art of feminist revenge, filled with liturgical drama, baroque grandeur, and frequent invocations of Jesus and of Satan. The thundering, molten material on her records has proved so taxing to perform that Hayter has decided to retire this body of work following her current scheduled concerts. Her decision brings a greater urgency to the already high-stakes proposition of a Lingua Ignota performance, which can feel like collective acts of purgation.”

PS “Lingua Ignota” was the name Saint Hildegard of Bingen gave an artificial language she created and used in her writing and composing.

Here’s her Bandcamp page:

some music videos:

a live show at St. Vitus in Brooklyn:

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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