Ghost Adopts The Beastly Look on Album Cover

Today the Swedish Metal band Ghost announced the upcoming March release of their new album Impera. Blabbermouth notes that the group’s press release says: “Impera” “finds GHOST transported literally hundreds of years forward from the 14th century Europe Black Plague era” of its previous album, 2018’s “Prequelle”. “The result is the most ambitious and lyrically incisive entry in the GHOST canon: Over the course of ‘Impera’‘s 12-song cycle, empires rise and fall, would-be messiahs ply their hype (financial and spiritual alike), prophecies are foretold as the skies fill with celestial bodies divine and man-made… All in all, the most current and topical GHOST subject matter to date is set against a hypnotic and darkly colorful melodic backdrop making ‘Impera’ a listen like no other — yet unmistakably, quintessentially GHOST.”

Meanwhile the cover is obviously inspired by an iconic photograph of the Prophet of the Lovely Star giving the sign “Vir,” and the first video is for a song titled “Call Me Little Sunshine,” a coy answer when The Prophet was asked in an English court whether he identified with the Great Beast 666 depicted in the Apocalypse, utilizing a bit of gemetriac sleight of hand to arrive at that answer.

View the video:

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